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Reflections on the Adaptation Futures and WISA 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa

Reflections on the Adaptation Futures and WISA 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa

Placed on 10 juli 2018

During the last two weeks of June, various VPdelta start-ups were represented in South Africa during the Adaptation Futures conference and the WISA 2018 conference. 


Adaptation Futures

From the 18th – 24th of June, the adaptation futures took place in Cape Town, South Africa. The bi-annual conference is widely attended by people who work in climate adaptation science, policy and practice. As the conference was held in Cape Town, a city that is dealing with severe water shortage, it was particularly interesting for some of the VPdelta start-ups. Marieke de Groen presented TAHMO during several sessions and Floris Boogaard was there talking about INDYMO whilst also working on the Wetskills contest.

Picture 1: Special Dutch Water Envoy Henk Ovink and Julian Swinkels (VPDelta)  proudly present with VPdelta start-ups.


WISA 2018

The following week the WISA took place which is hosted by the Water Institute of South to address past, existing and future water resource challenges by promoting collaboration, cooperation and integration within the water sector. The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) together with the Dutch Consulate in Cape Town and Dutch Embassy in Pretoria organised a Dutch Exhibition floor at the WISA conference and several extra activities such as individual matchmaking sessions and pitching opportunities (see picture 3). The leader of the mission was Dutch special water envoy Henk Ovink (see picture 1). The South African minister on water and Sanitation, Mr. Gugile Nkwinti, also attended the conference and acquainted himself with the innovative VPdelta start-ups (see picture 2).

Picture 2: Julian presenting the VPdelta start-ups to the South African Minister on Water and Sanitation together with Henk Ovink


While Hajo Heusinkveld proudly and succesfully presented his start up ‘Mobile Water Management’ with his own stand, Julian promoted the other VPdelta start-ups with a stand on the WISA exhibition floor. The Dutch embassy further announced that they are generously willing to grant VPdelta start-ups free access to the Orange Corners office space during their visits to South Africa. South Africa is currently in the process of establishing their own water-hub in Franschhoek. In the process of doing so, they have planned a visit to the Netherlands and are hoping to visit and draw inspiration from VPdelta.

Picture 3: Floris Boogaard Pitching INDYMO to South African businesses looking for innovative water technology solutions