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Van Dijk Maasland: 40 years of experience in creating lightweight fills and foundations in road building. Rooted in Holland, in the ground-, water- and road construction, Van Dijk knows how to lay the perfect (lightweight) foundation in any kind of soil. With it’s own machine park, about 100 professionals, and a wide range of lightweight foundation solutions like EPS/foamconcrete/glassfoam and bims solutions, Van Dijk is an adept partner on weak soils. 

Latest lightweight innovation is the “Cheese-method” a new way to reduce weight (and settlements) by drilling out heavy material and fill the holes with lightweight material (see picture).  Furthermore we build pile-constructions and work with fast-consolidation technics.  


Van Dijk Maasland BV
Frans van Dijk
+31 10 5991818

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