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Roffa Reefs

Roffa Reefs is a startup, based in Rotterdam, that works on solutions for sustainable aquaculture of marine organisms. Roffa Reefs aims to start with the thousands of reef fish in aquaria to prevent the damaging collection of reef critters. Fish have a vital role in the coral reef ecosystem and it’s recovery; surgeonfish ‘Dory’ is not just a beautiful creature, but also a gardener that takes control of algae being rampant which would damage corals. Time has come to work on an effective system to breed larvae of species that are vital for the reefs and our own aquaria. Most of all it is time to give reefs something back after taking so many of its inhabitants.


Roffa Reefs
Sander van Lopik
+31 (0)6 27 17 11 60

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